"Comments" in Hopscotch!



I have found a way to make "comments" in Hopscotch! First of all, this is not "comments" as in chatting, but this kind of "comments" that coders use. I know that this method is really easy, and it incorporates copy and paste, but I just decided to share it!
How to make it:
1. Add an object, or use an existing object, and add some random "when" block.
2. Add a value. Name it comments or something like that.
3. Add a "Set Text" block. Add in some text, like
Make sure you don't swipe too fast!
4. Copy the text in the "Set Text"
5. Make a "Set Value" block
6. Use comments as the value and paste in the text to the value amount.
Now you have a comment! Feel free to use this! I know you are thinking, why are you posting this, this is very easy, but it's useful if you want others to recreate your code without looking at a fumble of code.


That's a cool idea. I like it. Hopefully in the future we will have REAL comments.


That is really cool! I used to use abilities if I wanted to put a comment in my code :grin:

You could also type your comment in a Set Text block and put it inside a "Repeat Times 0" or a "Check Once If 1≠1" (or some any other false Check Once If)


check once if I'm a banana, if it there's an error in the code and it does set text, you are now a banana. you're welcome world.


That would be useful for projects like @MagmaPOP 's last touched tests.


It doesn't work with leave a trail :crying_cat_face: