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I totally, totally love this idea! This reminded me of a hearting system on another website ( Some of the choices for favouriting they have there are:

  • This is on fire :fire:
  • Da bomb :bomb:
  • This is dazzling :gem:

They appear as options when you click the heart button:

And then appear as comments down the bottom of the page:

We could have choices like these but our own ones instead:

  • Totally cool :sunglasses:
  • Love what you've made :heart:
  • This is inspiring :sparkles:
  • This makes me smile :smile:

Those are what often pop into my head at least. Do you have any that you think would be nice as a choice? I love the choices that you've suggested up there as well.

I agree that if we had a commenting system it would take a lot of time to monitor every single comment to see if it's not mean. I'd love to be able to comment to give feedback more specifically on what features of the project I liked, but a comment system would take a lot of time to moderate, and we could still give feedback through remixing.

So I think this is a really good idea. Thank you for sharing @Kiwicute2015 :smiley:

Featuring projects on the forum

Great idea!! I totally agree a commenting system would be too much to monitor and your idea suits better
And we could unlock new icons, each icon has it's challenge
Some ideas:
-Completing the hopscotch tutorial
-Like 10 projects
-Check out the Trending tab
-Go on the forum
-Get 5 likes
-Branch a project
-Publish 3 Projects
-Follow someone
-Hopscotch for 2 hours
-Become addicted member (Account is created since 1 month)

Some Important News

Btw I was also talking about you @Kiwicute2015.


@feature_suggestions this is a great idea! I think first we make our own selection (up to ten) then the hopscotch team look over it to see if it's not mean!!


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Awsome Idea! I feel like the comment section should have a little more freedom, though. But maybe there could be report buttons?


@Qubertion the only way to prevent mean comments is to have a selection of choices. Of course if you want, the Hopscotch team is willing to listen to suggestions on the commenting system. They could add more choices as long as they aren't hurtful of rude.


Yeah like @Kiwicute2015 said, the commenting system we were discussing prevents mean comments completely. But I'd like more freedom too @Qubertion so we could say more specifically what we enjoyed about someone's project e.g. how they added a scoring system in their game.

I can't think of a way to make it so people can't post mean comments but let people still have more freedom. Reporting would be a good feature for that but I think it would take a lot of time to moderate all the comments everyone is posting.


I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO COMMENT but commenting prevents being mean to others and so we need to think twice before we get this tool


Interesting topic, It would definently be amazing to have a system like that! There might be debates though. :smile: