Commenting fishgame 🐠🐠 2!



Hey everybody, I will soon publish my fishgame :tropical_fish::tropical_fish: 2.
So here i want some space to comment on what you think about my game, because I want to know what I have to work out a little bit more and what things should be removed. Thanks for sharing your opinion! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Okay I published it here comes the link:
There are some new things in it. Like money (to buy new skins) and a breath meter (@Stradyvarious idea)
But there are probably still some minor mistakes so reply here if you find one, and I will try to fix them.


I like the game allot.
Could you maybe make the fish move faster and have the rings show longer before disappearing


I thought about that, but I decided to leave it this way, so it's a bit more challenging. :wink:


Sorry I uploaded the wrong version, this is the right one:


great game but 2 things:
1: add a flip if possible (faces last when going right)
2: who is throwing random sacks of cash at a fish!?! also where is this and where is the nearest place to it where I can buy a fish costume?


1 somehow when i used flip, the turn degrees was also flipped, so my fish went down when he was supposed to go up.
2 the sacks just appear XD and you can buy costumes after you hit the restart button. (Maybe i have to make an instruction for the game...)


no, like, i pretend to be a fish and get sacks of money thrown at me irl


Than this would probably happen:
Blub? (A sack of money?)
Blub blub? (Why is this here?)
Blublublub! (OMG it almost hit my head!)
Blub blub blu PLOINK (oh no here it co PLOINK)
Blub... (Ow...)
:dizzy_face: Your fish died in an money accident.
Really that was the first thing I was thinking about XD