Comment Section in Hopscotch?



Heyyy, I’m sure someone else has already brought this up, but I thought that it would make HS a lot easier to use if there was a comment section in each project, like a small :speech_balloon: button in each corner that could open up a comment section. This could clear up a bunch of RPs, and make it easier to chat without having to flip back and forth between chat/RP accounts.

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I liked this idea too, but some people say that this will cause ᗷᑌᒪᒪYIᑎG which THT doesn’t want.



But people seem to think it won’t work?

Their claims make no sense though.


Well, people can still say the same things whether there is the chat feature or not, and a report feature would probably be there too…


I do have to say I love the idea!


Ikr. I think it would kind of work though


This a good idea! @Liza could you possibly implement this into Hopscotch? I know it might take awhile but it would be really cool and could engage the community in conversation without having to join the forum.


Hm, decent idea. Maybe they could have something like Roblox does which blocks certain words and all numbers


Why block numbers? I live on hundred and twenty three Main Street and am thirteen years old.


Well, that way people can’t give addresses and phone numbers…Roblox also blocks number words.


Ok, blocking number words makes a lot of sense. It should also block words similar to blocked words so people can’t as easily bypass it.


Or it could just use the same filter as projects.


Hmm well blocking numbers would be ok but what if you needed to say a number? Like maybe you want to say “you should add two more circles” ?


Great idea! But People will be inappropriate unfortunately. :joy:


I feel like if people really want to comment about something worthwhile than they could just come to the forum. Otherwise the forum might lose a lot of people due to the comment sections on hopscotch.


This would be a great idea but the only problem is I have seen tons and tons of bullying with just the remix system by itself plus a lot of innapropriae projects and all so unless we could find a way to regulate it, I don’t reckon it’s a good idea.


That actually ended up with Roblox reported on the news before, so I think if the comment does have a blocked word, then it cannot be said at all.


I think if they have comment sections they can use the forums blocked words.


So, like a mini forum? Hmm. That would be too hard for THT to moderate.


What someone says, if it is trolly or rude, shouldn’t affect people, constructive critisim or a positive comment should

What I’m saying is, people could ignore the nasty comments

Doesn’t get around bad words tho