Comment plz!(Lemons&Oranges)


Hi! @TheBloomingGarden here. Please comment on my projects here! BTW this is for my Lemons&Oranges account. So when you go to look for my projects search Lemons&Oranges. I will put all the links to my projects below! :heart_eyes:
Decorate the lemon!
Bubble trail art
BTW how do I code a trail art mouth?
@VanillaOwl plz help
@SmilingSnowflakes plz help
@IShallNotBeNamed plz help
Anyone else who does trail art plz help!


What style of trail art mouth are you trying to make?


Here are three styles. Which one would you prefer?


Thx! That was a lifesaver.


Just a smile would be nice.


I would like style 2!!!


Here is the picture of the code :D


Thx a million!!!!!!!!:wink::wink::wink::wink:


You're welcome. :D
Anytime you need help, I'm here. :DD


New project guys!
(It's a pig, I hope u could tell!)