Comment on Titles!


Here is this topic where you can talk about people's titles (ex: my title is "Everyone is a leader") and not be off-topic.

- No harsh/hate comments. Polite criticism is allowed (ex: "I disagree with ___ in your title for ___, etc")
- No off-topic posts
- No bragging about titles
- You may request to change your title as long as it is motivating

BuildASnowman's Title Topic

I like your title!

I wish I could have a different title, but she only gave them out for DOS. ;n;


I feel mine is a good general saying :D


Great topic! I was waiting for one like this. XD


Where did you get that tittle?

@MobCraft, it's not DOS related.


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I like yours, @Intellection74!
It's a reminder to be happy :3


I don't remember my title... Is it about cupcakes or eyebrows?

Edit: it's about cupcakes. But not for long XD


@Kiwicute2016 You can be sad when holding a cupcake if the cupcake tastes of baked beans


If I became mod, meh title would probably be "because potato

Or maybe "just cuz"


You ruined it for me. XD



*reads title*

no offense to whoever this meme dude is ._.


I've still got my limited addition DOS title, nothing new. XD


Is a mod like secretly changing everyone thing? I don't really feel all of the ones I see are related to LGBTQ+


@PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016 or @BuildASnowman, could you change my title to

or "JUST DO IT"? :smile:




@Kiwicute2016 can you change my title to "Anything is possible."?
If you could that'd be great!


Well what?

I still don't get how you got your tittle!


"Well yeah-ish" to his question (are mods secretly changing titles)

I just asked PopTart on a topic and she did it...


It's the Topic Approval Topic in Lounge