Comment on Bios! :D



Here's a topic to comment on people's bios, profile pics, user cards, etc.!



hotdog batman


I like @KarmicSans618's temmie.....
and first


Did you make your profile picture
First like!
This is a great idea!


Hi! I made a topic just like this to talk about people's bios. Maybe recycle this? Remember to SBYP next time!


I saw yours. :D

Yours was explaining your bio. My is talking about others' and stuff like that.


Ok! I think they are really similar and could be I the same topic. If you think It's ok. Then I guess it's fine!


HHi everyone's is gooooooooood. And oh nobody has ever bothered to look at mine so mine doesn't have to be good.


Thanks @BerryFOX for saying I am one of your friends on your bio!


I read all of your old (long) bio! :D


Your welcome! Of course you DESERVE IT!!!


Yay did I inspire it?


I Like @PixelMaster64's Bio :3


I really like @Rawrbear's bio!:wink:


And @SimplySouthernGurl's!
(I know that you are a blonde from reading that. Lol​:ok_woman:🏼. I'm black haired, BTW.:raising_hand:🏻)


Just edited mine wipes swet from forehead That was exhausting to type on iPod.


What about my bio? Does anyone like that?


My bio contains a lot of info about me!:wink:
But no personal info contained.:grinning:


Wait, does my first name, age, and birthday count?


Thenk u su mach! :00000000


I find
@Nonymous's bio funny

EDIT: Cosine changed his bio man..