Comment Block article

Here is our article on the new Comment block, which allows you to add notes to your code.

Feel free to post questions and tips below.


I’ll go read it now!


There have been a few first/second/third/fourth-type posts on both the recent topics I have posted. I have decided to portal those to keep the topic organised, and to make it easier to find questions and information that people have to share with each other.

I can see that it might seem like a bit of fun :slightly_smiling_face: but unfortunately leaving them there seemed to encourage more, which makes it harder for others to eventually scroll down and find questions/discussion on the actual topic. So I am going to explicitly discourage them, sorry.


Ok. I have tried but I still don’t know how to do it. @t1_hopscotch are you able to show me a demonstration of the comment block (whatever block u are talking about? Thanks. @MuteChristmasTree97

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You literally just type in the ( )
That’s all


I did but it does not work.


What do you think is meant to work.
It doesn’t make the character talk.
It just describes what the code does


What do you mean @Jay

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i think what he mean is enough clear

the comment block does nothing
it let’s you comment your code

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Yeah it’s kind of a weird addition

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Mostly for organizing and coding tutorials.

An example in other languages

do something # This would be a comment
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the comment block lets you comment your code so you and others can understand it

it is particularly useful when writing complex code—you could add a comment saying “calculates player x position” if your x position calculation looks ugly

another use is for when you don’t open a project for 3 months
without the comments you probably wouldn’t understand much of your previous code
but with comments, you can understand your code in a few minutes instead of a few hours

comments are ignored when the project is run, they are just there for viewing while you code

does that make it more clear?

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I still don’t know.

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I’m sorry,

I’ve explained it to the fullest of my abilities.

I won’t be able to explain it further now.


Sheeeeesh. Ugh ok. Tt ttttttttt

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Remember to think of how you talk, your tone could sound mean to some people. You could use Tone Indicators.

all comments you add are useless if you’re trying to add something to your game
they just let you describe your code

is that a better definition? if not, which part is unclear?