Coming to you very soon; ITS OUT!



Okay so I have been working very hard on a project and its coming out tomorrow Friday march 11th.
Stay tuned! I'm so close to being done! I think you will all find something you like in it! Its been a lot fun! Stay Tuned!

Are You Excited?

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I think it might get trending but i honestly don't care.

Ocean Scene :fish:

Feedback on my latest big project?

Yaasssss!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Please tag me when you publsih it!


I will!


YES!!!!!! YES YES YES! I can't wait!


What is it!? What is it?! I can't wait :D By the way is Codelife gone from your account now?


I'm not saying a thing! and ya CL is gone


YAAAY! Tag me when you release please! :D


I will!


just have to do 1 thing after school then its done!! im not giving ANYTHING about it away!



Dan you tag me too? :grinning:


Of course!!


Tag me so I can get notified.




Omg @Phase_Admin your seriously my whole entire activity...


Now I'm not, I am crying in tears because I am sick of the liking virus again.


lol why liking virus whyyyyyyy -glares at @rawrbear-


Ooh! Tag me pls! I really want to see this!


Still crying and blaming it on @Rawrbear


people to tage when it comes out.

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there there @Phase_Admin