Coming soon, Updated Hogwarts!



I'm making a completely new Hogwarts, game with images, and I need your advice. Post feedback and advice below. Here's the link :

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And can someone please post the omtl? Thanks!


Let me get the OMTL reallll quick


It's so fun so far!
Make more!!!!!


Pretty good, I'm impressed. :wink:


Turn on global edit and I will add it in for you :slight_smile:


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Get the latest list here:


FYI, you're breaking an OMTL guideline.


Impressive! Although I'd suggest :

Do you know when you fist click play and the first screen appears, after the menu, comes up..
I'd suggest making it a bit clearer that you have to click the text to go to dragon alley as I kept the clicking the entire screen before I realised what I had to click! :joy:


Any bugs or suggestions? I seriously want your guys opinions to try and make this game the best it can be. Please note this is beta and the only shop that works is Ollivanders


Ok, thank you for the input! :D




You're supposed to post the OTML on the first post so people know what to look at without having to scroll


That's pretty cool! Maybe you could add little minigames like quidditch or potion making.... Maybe even spells and battles!


Ok make a topic or something..... Just stop posting that everywhere!


You are saying that everywhere! They can't help it sometimes! Please stop.


Oh whoops, sorry!


Yah, this is beta, I'm working on it!


k. Have you seen fantastic beasts?




Maybe u could do something with FB!