Coming Soon. . .Star Girl's Mini Games!



Coming Soon. . .

Star Girl's Mini Games™

Play fun mini games to unlock a fun mini game! The games are:

Star Girl's Guessing Game™
Test your knowledge of Star Girl!

Star Girl's Meal Maker™
Make Star Girl's lunch!

Star Girl's School Day Game™
Explore Star Girl's interactive school day!

Star Girl's Spa Game™
Help Star Girl at the spa!

And the game you have to unlock is:

Star Girl's Life Game™
Explore Star Girl's interactive life!


I saw it! XD good idea!


Sounds awesome! Good idea @tankt2016!


Yeah! Thanks! This is the place where I'll edit the first post and post links and information about games that are in progress. I started Star Girl's Mini Games™ at about 2:30!


I love this, can't wait for it to come out!


I know, I already published an in progress version and called it In Progress. . .!