Coming soon: March Madness! (Game) Needs helpers!



First of all, this is NOT the topic 'Hopscotch March Madness'. It's actually a game in hopscotch!

When is it coming out?

I'm not sure when it's coming out, but it should be sometime before June of 2016!

What do you do in the game?

In the game, first you select teams, and a text object will tell you your opinion, then you pick what team out of the 68 you picked. And of course, the teams get seeded. Oh yeah, you play the games. Stats and records are fake but players are real. There is tutorial on what the sayings mean for those non-sports fans.

link to in progress project

You can play the games and be the coach

Updated tag list.

You can have a job to help, I'll give credit!
Player info helpers: 2 spots left!

Stat helpers: 3 spots left!

Bracket designers: 3 spots left!

Background makers: 2 Spots left!

Advertisers: 4 spots left!

Please give feedback.


heres a like :heart:


Cool! But March ends in one day...


Copied Rawrbear's friendly mass tag list, accidentally copied the whole thing.


It's still gonna be called March madness, not April madness!


oh wow, that is going to take a lot of work. I would get bored, nice job on sticking through it.


Cool when are you publishing it?


:yum: Well good luck on the game!


I'm publishing it on and off, if you want to see the updates, then go to the top post!


Wow! Just wow...


Sometimes I get bored too.


what do you mean the whole thing that isnt the whole thing i it?




what does this mean


I accidentally copied the whole post, and had to delete the words.


i think they meant they didn't use the updated version.


oh i see now :wink:


School in about 3 minutes.


wha?????? what time is it where you are?


Different time zone :sweat_smile: here it is 12:03