Coming soon! (If you consider 6 months soon then it is! XD)



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It's honing to be here soon, six long, boring, coding, featuring, dreadful months it may take awhile but the hopscotch forum is coming 'round the bend!

@tankt2016 news: Another delay

why is no-one replying?!


Idk because six months is a long time!


Good point, 6 months isn't exactly "coming soon"…My brother put that. On a computer.


lol. So I am talking to the girl Tankt right now?


I am confused :neutral_face:... (Space)




Yeah, I'm the sister of the brother, we are siblings, and "6 months" and "coming soon" are kind of an oxymoron (that means they don't match; they are the opposite; we had a white Martin Luther King Jr. day, which was an oxymoron, that holiday is about him fighting for blacks' rights)! LOL (laughing out loud)!


lol I understand you!


There is two people on one account, and they are brother and sister! :wink:


That makes so much more sense! :smile:


It is true, you know, we are two people (or are we?). Oxymoron (refer to my last post for definition)!


I'm creating another topic.


Wow, no one again too bad I'll have to create another topic...

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