Comic series ideas contest! :)


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Hi everyone! I really wanna create a comic series but I have no idea what it should be about! Can you guys please give me some ideas?

This is kind of a contest thingy, so the best idea (1st place) will get requests from me (as many as they like, maximum 10 and that they will tag me when they are done), and they can create a character or put in their own OCs in the story (as long as there is a ref for their OC) and will get to decide what happens in the story along with a shoutout!

The next best idea (2nd place) will get 2 requests from me and will get a shoutout along with a chance to be in the story!

The final best idea (third place) will get a shoutout and a request from me [not much, sorry]

To submit your entries, just come up with a storyline, characters and some descriptions of the characters! Im just going to make a topic for this and post a link!

You can post all of your entries here and I will also announce the winners here! The due date is 20th May, so get your imaginations into overdrive and good luck!!

Also, I would like for the storyline to be a bit slow and progressive, but anything will work! :wink:


AYyyyy why not lemme think


Is it a comic strip or more of a graphic novel?
And by comic strip I mean like Peanuts


It’s more of a graphic novel. Comic strips are hard to get ideas incorporated into them with just a few pictures…


Oh ok
I’ll try to do something for this
Is there like a specific theme you want?


( Nah )Sodium Hydride, it can be anything…

I’m terrible at chemical compound jokes…


I get it lol
And :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks :joy:
So you got any ideas yet? I’m kind of looking for something not supernatural but even that’s okay…


Not yet but I’m thinking lol


Uh I have a few questions
Do you want…


And by supernatural do you mean ghosts and stuff like that or fantasy? (Sci-fi too in that matter)

Sorry if I seem annoying I just want to find something you’d like


didn’t you say you were leaving


Im going to give an idea for an a gnu I’m making but please mix it up so I ca still do mine
In 2080 battles are huge, the more battles you win the higher you get in society, grab a weapon (you can cut that out) and FighT! In this society money is nothing its all to the hierarchy


Oh boy do I have ideas ;p
U hold on to ur hat I have to go get some character sketches done lol



Nin10dough to the sixty-Forth power?

Just some ideas!


Ooh, I’ll probably add a suggestion… I need to think :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems like fun, I’m in! Though I’m not that good with story writing, but I’ll definitely help with character design.


Ok!! This is an idea based around being relatable and emotional to the reader themselves
This is the story of a character. This is completely up to you, I won’t get too deep. This is just the story, not the development or characters.
Imagine that you’re a child, who’s never seen the light of growth. Ever. You’ve never seen your own reflection, never been in the presence of someone enough to see them grow, never felt the light of the changing sun and the soft prickle of a leaf falling from a tree.
It’s just how this world works. The man, the one who create it all, left you with no freedom whatsoever. A changing world, everyone always being moved around so that they would have no knowledge of the beautiful growth that the world goes through. You never have any idea what’s going on. You’re always being moved, in different communities with different people, never long enough to get to know anything.
This is just how life is. Your mind always feels so empty, everything always changing… yet staying the same.
Everyone feels this way. All 7 billion people in this world.
No one knows how this came about. No one knows how the man made this happen, made everyone so empty. No body knows anything under the man.
So what happens when some… new? Really, truly new, comes from somewhere else? From the sky that you’ve never seen?
How do they change your world, the one that’s never been free? How do you cope with the rest of your life dropped into your hands, for your own choice and freedom?
Someone from the sky has brought you freedom, but freedom isn’t as great as it sounds…

Ask any questions I know it’s confusing


Ok so

The Unusuals

An apartment building for some rather peculiar characters , including but not limited to
-Hortense, a very anxious woman who’s soul is tied to a silver ring due to a deal with a devil her mother made
-Zara, an reclusive and sadistic enchantress who’s thousands of years old
-Bryan, who owns the building, tired of responsibilities, a human-passing vampire
-A living carnivorous plant. No one knows how it got here. It has always been in the basement. Feed it.
-Bob the he.llhound puppy, an excitable baby, already almost as tall as a human
-Hitch, a polite and proper agender ghost, incable of turning visible
-Fin and Cory, two mermen husbands who live in the backyard pool. Fin is mischevious and Cory is very placid.
Bryan bought the old building some said to be haunted, intending it to be a sanctuary for those involved in supernatural happenings.
The story picks up when they hire Birdy, an elderly lady to serve as a cleaning crew and housekeeper
The plot involves Birdy becoming the “mother” most of the characters never had, befriending them and improving their lives. There’ll be a bunch of shenanigans (for lack of better word) and minor character based conflicts. The main conflict is both Bryan running out of funding, eventually having to fire Birdy probably, as well as the added mess of exor.cists who fear and ha.te the building and it’s inhabitants. Also that plant will Not Stop Growing
I’m not too clear on the plot, sorry, I figure that’ll be up to you to figure out. ;p I sti.nk at plots
Anyway here’s the pictures

Haha wow I’m so good at drawing dogs lol


Am I supposed to design characters? And give an actual plot? With story details? I have no idea what I’m doing


Apparently people didn’t like that idea and I got flagged.