Come here if you have the subscription



Hello. If you are a subscriber, may you please make a blank landscape iPad project using the images in the drop down folder and give me a link? It doesn't need to stay published. Also, tell me if you want to be mentioned in the game. Thanks!


All the subscribers I can think of right now

Yep, that's it.


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@Milkypup lol
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Non subscribers can't remix subscriber projects with images


I'd do it for you...but..I'm not subscribed.
If anyone does them for @Petrichor, can someone do it for me too?


Me too.

Yes we can.


I wish I was a subscriber.


I'm not a subscriber and I don't get what you're saying, so... idk


What don't you get?


Is this for your YouTube user card background?


No. It's for a game.

So what?


Oh, ok. :ok_hand:


I remixed a project with an image when I wasn't subscribed so...


So what? I am very confusededededededededededededed.


I wish I was a subscriber


It's too expensive. Besides, who would want to pay 8-80 dollars just to add images to games and customize profiles? On Scratch and other apps, you can do that for free. ._.


Yup. I agree, but it can be useful if you want to use trail art as an easily moveable object.


I Sadly dont have The subscription, Sorry!


I think @Artistic_cat and @TheGreenBanana has The sub


Again, if anyone does it for NindroidGames, would you mind doing it for me too? Just open

Up for the images and stuff..


I forgot about @TheGreenBanana. And I see her? in my activity all the time. XD


You're images won't work. They need to be in clip art and have a clear background. It can't be a white background.

For example, this is clipart because when I use it in Hopscotch and drag the image over something, you will be able to see what's behind Mario instead of a white rectangle