Come back sgs Please


Whomever wants SGS to come back forever vote and yes this is related to quitters on Hopscotch.

  • come baaacckkkkk
  • no GO


I miss you so much!


Thanks for the poll. I'm glad you want me to stay but.. lets just see how this weekend works out :wink: Baby steps :stuck_out_tongue: And I missed you and everyone else as well


Don't worry, I'm always here for you! I understand baby steps, but I hope you can stay! The community loves you! :wink:


Can I change
The title to she's back


No because I. Not a regular yet


I think the title means she wants me to stay and i'm only here for the weekend and yea....


But I am, I just earned it but k bi


Me too

When did you earn it?


7 minutes ago!



I think I earned it while I was asleep :stuck_out_tongue:



I earned it 23 hours ago :stuck_out_tongue:


This was the dame thing we thought when magmapop stoped coming for a while