Combining Sounds!



You can combine sounds to make dif. sounds. For example, do this,

and get a flute sound!
Post other sound tricks you've learned too!

P.S. If you're looking for the low c I made earlier, go here.


Wow this is a very cool trick! Thanks for sharing these awesome sound tips @Fishyguitars :smile:

Here are a few tricks I've learnt:

Music chords

You can play multiples notes with no waiting in between, so they play together at the same time and it sounds like a musical chord!

Longer music notes

A possible way of making a music note play for longer beats is this:

It's similar to @Fishyguitars's technique above. When you try this code, it's not as smooth as can be but it's one way you could try for making a note last longer. Just change the number in the Repeat block to make it last longer or shorter.


I did {repeat 2 times
Start sound (drum)
Start sound (wave)}
To make an explotion sound for my fireworks


Awesome tip @GoGoGames1! Do you think you could show us a screenshot of the code as well? Then we could see which drum sound and how long to wait in between. But if not, that's fine :smiley:


Turns out its just the drum sound


Thank you very much for sharing the screenshot @GoGoGames1 :smiley:


Wow, I just found an awesome sound combo after like, a month!
It's a cool echo talking sound you could use for a cave game or one like this one I made recently.

To do so... that!