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Tired but awake
Had a massive mig.rane last night

I have Liven on the mind now


image please click it @CTS, then you will see why i am sad…


I’m sorry about that…

I just woke up so I’m having trouble comprehending things




I’m having trouble comprehending @WereWolfViolet



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Thanks.@cts i know you care.


We have a lurker… REVEAL YOURSELF


Someone else clicked the links!


I accidentally did oops
But I saw


It’s @Stylishpoopemoji33. He just liked a post.


:musical_note:If you try and don’t succeed :musical_note:


Is that ok that I was watching? Sorry…


It’s fine…



aww dANGIT I didn’t have time to code anything so uh want a drawing request instead??


Happy anniversary! Sorry I didn’t code something… didn’t have time and just got my account back.


I’m so sorry…but at least she’s coming back in summer


Still really similar.


@CoderOfMagic ? I’m pretty sure I’ve popped in here before in a discussion about weight issues. I’m rather concerned about seeing this discussion come up again. :neutral_face: If I’m correct, the previous discussion was regarding a friend but what I said then applies equally to you.

I’m going to remind you that issues like this are a private matter that is between your parents and your physician. There are too many variables involved to determine healthy weight. It goes beyond simple rules of age and height…there is also bone structure, ethnic heredity/genetics, overall physical activities, among other factors. It is not only unwise to bring this discussion here, but unhealthy to keep it going.

If this issue comes up again, I fully endorse your friends to remind you to discuss it only with your parents and physician only. Deal?