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No fence kid, but I’m definitely more experienced than any of y’all in that field


There’s none in the caf

Lol im just gonna do a million excersizes


I’ll be fine
I’m tell you how it goes
If it goes bad, il stop K?
It’s not hurting myself


I don’t, I keep it balanced as I grow


well i gtg too, so gnite y’all


Yes it is S.H. CoM, I know it when I see it.


Yeah I have to go, bye!


No it’s not please lol
I’ll survive
It’s just one day, you choose if I stop or if it’s fine
Trust me K?


You stop.
End of discussion CoM,



Welp one of my 11 1/2 yo friends is like 5 feet — wait no more — and 90 pounds so


And that’s unhealthy to lose weight quickly and if you do lose weight quickly you’re more likely to gain it all back plus you’re still growing so you’re going to exceed 90 pounds


Look, please, it’ll be fine.
My plan-
I’ll work a lot tomorrow and eat a teeny bit less, eat more fish
Then on Sat I have horse riding, so I can burn easily


Is she fine?
You guys weigh less tho
Way less
And I’m the odd one out


Hi @Apricity
Are you on?


Yep she’s perfectly normal

Only by like 20 pounds. Plus you’re taller so you’d weigh more,
…unless I gained 5 more pounds and I probably did in which case I’d be 80


I’m 5’ 6”, almost 12, and 78 pounds.


How are you like 8 inches taller than me and the same weight


Very skinny. Not unnaturaly, just skinny.


I’m researching and you’re about the average size of a 12yo.
An overweight 8yo is like 110+ pounds (and that number only goes up between each age) so you’re definitely fine but please don’t go anorexìc on us.

but seriously don’t go doing this I agree with Fea here
Time to research psychology
Don’t ask


3200th Post ye