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I swear to whatever you believe in that i will not talk to you if you do that CoM


Pescatarian is worth it…


Poking me isn’t gonna help cause I starve myself too


It’s not much
I’ll be fine
And I’ll feel better too I’m sure


That’s not what I’m talking about CoM is saying she’ll starve herself and not eat just bc of what some people say.


OMG nuuu. DONT DO THAT! Just pretend to eat less.


I won’t starve
Just eat less


Holy heck guys

Tv you are a giant hypocrite yknow


Hey just saying the truth


Smh just eat like normal you are fine


I’m 90 pounds
My friend is 60
I’ll eat less at lunch, maybe leaves and milk
I’ll work way more, doing 100 burpees per day
Easy, @FearlessPhoenix


Umm…that often builds muscle and you don’t lose weight. You lose fat and gain muscle…


Jèsus you do NOT have to eat leaves and milk this is what I meant talking about

If you do that I will actually not talk to you.
The excersize is fine but not the eating


Then what am I supposed to do…
I give up.


That’s what I was going to say


Eh I eat leaves and milk already, lol


Then how do you lose weight lol?


Be a pescatarian. That’s wat I told you in the first place


I have to go, bye!
Starting it tomorrow!
And I’ll be fine, please, it won’t be hurting myself


Well start eating better more nutritious food