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so, how are you?

what’s up :3


I’m honestly
In love
Feeling overweight


i’m sorta similar ig

not good enough


Now I wish I’d never said how much I weighed…

If it makes you feel any better I’m like the avg weight of a 10yo (according to the internet) lol


I know I’m fine
But you guys seem lighter
And I have to push myself to starve myself


im really light

like probably not good light


I’d rather be underweight than overweight/normal weight


no you wouldn’t

i’m more bone than anythig


You’re older than me, taller than me, and you weigh 80 pounds
I have self making myself feel terrible disordered or smth


The measurements I gave you are from December. I just measured and I’m 5 foot, and 82 pounds


Yeah I would, that’s my goal


No no guys don’t do that don’t do that
It’s not good for you your hûrting yourself by doing that more than you know please don’t please don’t please
It’s a cycle once you start you can’t stop don’t get into it stop please


I’m 90 pounds
I’m trying to be 80 pounds


Everyone makes fun of me

It’s nit self harm, it’s me trying to be better


Try pescatarian it’s good for losing weight.


It is self hårm CoM
Trust me on tat please stop don’t do it CoM don’t please please dont


Fish lol?
And I have to burn 5000 calories per day
Then I won’t be in much


No it’s not
I’ll just lose some pounds
By eating less lunch at school
That’s all.


Aeh its was worth a shot…


That’s not the right way to go about it

Stop it CoM.
Do. Not. Do. That.