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It Gtg byhyeyyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyyeyeyyeeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeye


i didn’t get it…

sorry, could you tag me again?


You can tag me too lol
Your choice
I’m here for a while and available so :wink:


oh yeah sorry

i just got back from this fundraiser event.

(lol the people there were very aggre sssive about it)


I decided to not tag u till u said it was ok so

I’ll rewrite and tag u rn if u want



sorry i wasn’t on

if you want to it’s fine… you probably have better things to be doing


Oh no don’t want to be there if you don’t want me lol



nonono it’s all good it’s nice talking to you :3

a bunch of my friends are sick atm so they can’t talk


I will

It’s fine

No I really don’t actually


ok thanks fea…


Oh ok I was gonna leave
I don’t feel wanted for some reason



you are very wanted

i’m just a bit frazzed after being ye lled at by some lady to “Fundraise sooner rather than later! FUNDRAISING HELPS PEOPLE”


Oh ok



yeah :3

i mean i want to, it’s a great cause, but seriously lady



hehehe you have a good memory! In 2016 I had a profile picture that looked almost exactly like tankt’s profile picture but it was a rabbit!

It might have been Ken’s profile picture then.


wait @FearlessPhoenix are you going to tag me?


If you want tag me too lol
Nvm I know when I’m nit wanted and don’t want to be in your privacy
I can gtg


noooo CoM that’s not it

it’s was sensitive and i shouldn’t have posted it in the first place

i thought Fea was going to tag me about it


No you’re fine.


No it’s okay lol,
It’s fine.