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It is a joke. I’m just referencing. Also I’m in the depressing 30th percentile


30th percentile?
Lol I’m on like 25th


Oh okay
Asked lol?


You can ask to have your account removed


I’m 4’9” 76 lbs I swear the B u l l i e s just use me for target practice.


I’m 90 pounds 5 feet one or six feet lol


Gilbert189 I think


Speaking of bullies I’m gonna go to a different room


I h8 dem bullies. I confuse them with algerbra I. Effective


Yeah bullies are a pain tbh, I’ve got you lol


I swear they use me just to see if I fit in a basketball hoop (spoilers I don’t)


Yeah, you if you weight that much lol, you need to gain weight, loss of weight results in starvation and blood loss


I put on 6 pounds over Christmas



I put on like 20 pounds over the past idk year and a half somehow


Great job oof
That really makes sense tho


I think my mom did it on purpose…


Yeah im worried for you


Then again my 7 months younger bro is as heavy as you.


I’m not that heavy lol, normal BMI and stuff

Oof yeah people grow at different speeds


I’m in the 28% percent for the BMI