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Aww you’re lucky great job!


aww what’s up?

you don’t have to tell us but we can just talk :3


Cool beans! I once won an art contest.


Like leaving
And thinking I’m overweight when I’m fine
And prob gonna starve myself by accident because of that


That’s ok, I get that



ugh i’m so sc ared

we have to read these poems out to a group and mine is really personal and i don’t like this stuff

what if everyone ha tes it and call my a fai lure like i am


[Post Edited By Leader. IC]


Aww okay. What’s the deal with leaving?

Do not turn anôrexic please


You’re not a failure


i’m sure you’re not overweight

you’re perfectly fine


It’ll be okay A
I h8 having to do that too…
Usually it’s not as bad after you get it over with


oh sorry feaaaaaaa

ugh i didn’t realize


What does


And yeah leaving

Why was A’s post edited?


You’ll be good
That happened to me
Just take slow breaths


It’s okay @Apricity

I tagged you in an old post I made wiki with a reply, since I know that’s rough


Inappropriate content, not forum appropriate at all


I have to go, bye


Aww ok well cya later ig and I hope you feel better


Is anyone here? Anyone?


I couldn’t find you the post I was loosing for from forever ago.
I’ll retype it up ig and summarize

But I won’t tag u unless u say you wanna read what I have to say on that matter. Dig?