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Yes it does lol u listen to TØP?


Noo don’t revive the dėad


Yep sometimes


Guys look at the friend I just made from a kinder egg . He spins f a s t and his 3 legs fly out


Ahah ok now u T or D somebody


Truth or dare?


I’ll brb in like 5 minutes


Have you read my comic yet?


Just tell them it isn’t a joke.
Someone wanted to make a joke about fainting, then I told them


I have…
Lol continue please


Well, that is one way to get out of PE!
(Sorry, i had to)


Okay thank you!


No problem
People underestimate stuff a lot


I was talking to tv, but yeah. And your coming in soon @CoderOfMagic


Your not watching your friends go white and start to shake a lot? It might not seem so bad but in real life it is.


I kinda like my art pad, but its sorta hard to use. Could you make me a WOTL art pad? Please CoM?


Oh thanks


I’m not sure…
I only make art pads for…


Yeah… how did this trend start?


Why is that not complete? @CoderOfMagic