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Hey Guys! New Gt since last one reached post Limit!
Rules- Be kind, and only add was here tags, and don’t delete any was here tags unless I say so.
So, I’m CoM! I like good grades, studying, horses, my friends, and the color Orange! Come here to chat and I’ll be ready! Please follow the rules and keep organized!
My nickname is CoM!

CoM’s OFFICIAL friends


Have Fun!


First! Whooo new gt!!
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) <—— I bring Benny


new gt whoooot!

let’s see how fast we can fill up THIS one!

jk let’s not spam it to 10,000, 1,000 was crazy enough


New Gt huh!
Lol, please follow the tag rule!


Hi I guess Apricty
Lol wanna add a was here tag?


just did

i’ve been waiting to be able to make one lol


(you forgot 6 ; D)


why am i getting so motion sick we’re not moving we’re in traffic???


Oh my I did I count Fea and 6 as one person lol


Cuz that’s what stop&go traffic does. That’s when I get most motion sick.


I’m in the care, on a road trip for two days…
Having fun!
The place im going to is so supportive of Love is Love! It’s really cool!
Pride flags everywhere UwU


im so nauseous rn ugh

i almost accidentally said where the concert is lol


Oh wow, cool!


Oh, yea, that would’ve been not so good if you did…


yeah i guess not…

why the … s?


AAAAAA. Moi first post on this fresh GT


Eh Bridge just texted me a couple of hours ago, not feeling to happy ig


Try pressing on your wrists, in the middle, right below the palm of your hand. Or just grab a pair of seabands to do that for you XD


Oh yeah can nobody go blaming themself here now?


Lol I wasn’t going to, this Gt needs to be happy at the moment lol