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Ima go check them out!


<drops by with drawing pad x>


Hey! Just because your pad has draggable and resizable windows doesn’t mean you can taunt me!


ok sorry

bot mode activated @JACG2018MASTER

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Awesome_E display help.


Rip me. I a out of likes.

Go like this!


It looks great!
I have a bandage but ehh it looks great anyway!


Wait what oops darn forgot ima go fix that


It’s fine!
Really, no trouble!


Oki got it


Wow it looks amazing!

Wow, and thanks again!


i have a new signature saying:



MrBeast is a god


Wait @Petrichor in @Yoda’s bio it says
“Kylo Ren me hates”
Aren’t jedis not supposed to hate?


hat.e leads to leads to the dark side


um @CoderOfMagic i’m pretty sure logic has di.ed on your profile


hate leads to evil

evil leads to the dark side


I have no school today, so I’m on!



we just got a light dusting of snow

and i got yelled at my my mom for losing my hat


Sorry for the gap in replying, I’m reading a book, studying, and taking medicine at the same time

That’s cool! There is not a trace of snow here, but it does feel a bit chilly!

I can’t consider myself lucky when my jaw is bursting with p a I n lol


I was banned from a topic because of 1 spam post from MONTHS ago