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I have no idea.
The people were from hs or the forum and I crashed in
They said stuff about me so I did not wanna say it was me lol


oh ok
good to know i guess

always put an :3 face when impersonating me

@tankt2016 stop lurking and talk to us


Could I tag you on a wbf and tell you why?
And to double check because lol I do not remember you telling me except if it is…


Did that

But I cannot draw sheeps lol


yeah sure

i hope you didn’t forget honestly but sure wb


was it like stuff u’ve never told anyone before?


No, rude remarks and stuff


those are easy to ignore tho


@Apricity I cannot copy a link lol I am on a computer lol
could you do it

And someone yeah it is pretty easy too


oh yeah ok i’ll go do that


Thanks a lot friend


You are very likable :nod:


Hoi! Jacg!


@tankt2016 poke


hello peeps




Oki CoM I finished.

Oof I used a bad chibi base but I couldn’t find any better ones so…




Hi Awesome_E!,


Thanks i just published art pad 0.3 and etch-a-sketch @tankt2016