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Ah ok, lol.
So, how are you?


im fine lol, a while back i was acting pretty weird tho for some reason oof.


Oh, that is intresting


yep and now im just kinda here.

not really feeling anything, but still reacting to stuff as if i was lol.


Hey that is better than f r e a k ing out about the fact that the thing your making for your crush looks horrible lol


ah yes valentines day.

i have no plans for that since i have no one ;-;.


i’m sure it doesn’t

i want to do something for my crush too…


Oof, I am sure you will find someone

I am legit nervous cause of that, I am going to b l o w it badly


what about me :3 i have no personality


Hs or in real life croosh?


wait lol i thought that comment was something about them questioning if i was really me lol.


hs… ik it’s weird… but why not ig


You write with green, smooth. Your As have a swing to them when you write.
You will continue to the convo given, then persist about how you you either are a bad fren or that you sock, when that will never be true because you rock lol


If you are okay with telling meh, who?


…most of my conversations go that way don’t they now that i think abt it


…wait are you serious? i told you earlier this afternoon lol


I like watching people, I personated you once as attest and people believed me, but after the fith post on the wb I told them I was CoM lol


wait who was the wb with? just curious lol


Oh, I thought it was someone else lol
Because …


because why? i don’t really change too much