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yeah what do u want,


I am just tagging them cause I really have nobody to chat with before you came(if you came here to talk)


lol sure whatsup,


The ceiling as always.


Honestly, I am f r e a k I n g out cause of smthing


its air particles.


the stars?
OOf idk


no for real tho, whats been going on in life for u so far?


For real, nothing.


also u did kinda get impostored again on a wb earlier lol.


Oh geez. again? Why does everyone keep impostering, trolling, and shipping on wbfs?


I am stressing cause of…
It is so complicated lol


lol u seem a bit weird for tankt.

can u post ur ribbon kitties?


You seem easy to imposter, but it is my job to see how easy it Is for a person to go past normal security here I suppose, you always use the black pen, you handwriting is shaky with a slight curve too


wait I seem weird?
probably because I’m sulking about my bro beating me in literally everything


True lol my handwriting is very shaky lol


u seemed like more sarcastic/ less tankt-y.

thats why i kinda thought u were somebody else for a sec.


Yeah, I try to impersonate people and see, but I always say who I am,


You usually say lolazo at the end of a sentence three times per hour according to the discussion, and you prefer to ask questions with meaning


i only really ask questions to not have to turn the mood into an awkward silence one.

it happens in insta all the time and lemme tell u, its not good at all.