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i’m not sure funny would be the right word… but yeah i get what you mean


Well, not funny ig but that happened in a movie and it was funny so


oh… i feel like that would be me and i’d just be really oblivious lol


Not you!
You are so smart you would know in 5 min. lol


Hey um whiteboard guys?
Private one?


Why not


Hi @JACG2018MASTER, want me to add width to your art pad

Also when you were chatting with SA, why CoM Friends? Wouldn’t it be Jacg friends?


nah i’m really oblivious when it come to myself


Could you give me pics of code? Ill give you credit.




I am on a computer rn, so later

ALso Jacg why do you want to know my secret so bad


I just feel left out, thats all.


wait @SarcasticTvHead are we doing a wb or not?


Sorry, but I do not understand how you can feel left out if I slightly do not trust you enough to tell you my deepest secret lol


Lol you know nothing about me then, I’ve been spitting secrets every time i talk.


I suppose I know very little about you lol

wait so you would tell my secret lol


have you really now? lol ok.


If you told me a secret I wouldn’t tell it. I spit my personal secrets.


Oh, okay
But still, the people I have told know me, and I 100 percent trust them.
They promised they would not tell
Sorry for late reply I was chilling with my frens on a wbf


@Apricity @JACG2018MASTER