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Ok same probably
Oof confuseeee


Oh shoot… I gtg an—

Dang I sock…

I’m so sorry @Apricity I really am hhhhhhhh
How can I make up for it?


Guys guess what
The [british] stamp act was passed on March 22 of 1765


for what? i’m fine… go i’ll be fine


Rlly you sure?

If I can make up for it tell me and I will.




hello you here too?


Idk I’m going to make a bunch of little pics so prob lol


Yes :joy:


multitasking… I like it!


Will someone test my art pad


Sure, ASAP! Uh aka in an hour or two lol.
But I looked at it earlier, and it looked great!


Just added skin color


Okay Ig?

Also Apricity-
Tankt and STvH know the secret too
IKR I’m telling to many people

@JACG2018MASTER It seems cool but you may wanna add darker skin tones and a width detection


wait your secret or my secret?


Mine, I would never tell yours…
I dunno if I even know yours lol


oh ok then
mines the not-really-a-secret i told you on the wb


Oh ok lol



also fea and 6 know mine
just so you know


I don’t even know why I’m telling a lot of people
Wouldn’t be funny if everyone but _ _ _ knew?