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Fever at 101

Ahh what do I do 6
It doesn’t look very good


Nah I bet you’re pixel art is great.
And if you ever need help Fea or I can help bc Fea’s rly good at it and I’m apparently rly good too and yeah


Also, if it’s the stomach flu:
Do not, by ALL means take AnY medicine you’ll throw up


No it probably looks great d’ya want me to go into your acc and look at it and maybe help with it?


Sure please, that would be great 6!
Saving my terrible skills again lol


Nah you’re a great coder


Whatever floats your boat lol


@tankt2016 you round?


I see her replying lol


Now I am lol
I’m sitting next to my irl friend playing animal jam rn


I told her on ajpw lol



So, how are you HH?


I noticed lol


Hey. Do you think GameCodingCrazy123 will go / be online with me for the @1234Lillian Valentines Thing On Hopscotch?


Hi guys?
Why do I feel invisible lol


I’m good! still cramming for the revolutionary war


hey guys
CoM i’m on the wb now if ya want ig


Uh he might?

Idk lol (he’s SportyGeographer on there)

Ima be bouncing between here and animal jam.


Okay I’ll be on!


Hey @Coderofmagic it’s a great project. They’ll love it.

I can show you a faster and cleaner method if you’d like.
I gtg now tho, sorry.
Maybe in an hour or two