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thanks for caring…

i guess so for a wb…

what colors do you want the dress to be?


Hey, that’s pretty great!


If y’all do a wbf, can I join?



is that ok, @CoderOfMagic?


CoM? yo you disappeared lol

i guess i’ll tag you and 6 anyway


Valentine Colors, and the gold for the V…
If you can, thanks!


I’m making a card for you know who and It’s not gonna he perfect enough 6 ahhh


@tankt2016 I’m in ur den on ajpw
@CoM hihihiuui


Ahhhh nah I think it’ll be perfect.
They’ll love it I’m sure they will.

And hey, it’s the thought that counts


Eyyyy 6
CoM where’d ya go


Heyo hh.



I’m here…

Thanks 6…
It needs to be perfect tho


hello just popping in


The SkY is up hey CoM


Hey HH!
How are you doing?
I have a fever…


Hey, I’m sure it is perfect


Aww ooooff well I hope you get better soon


It’s a pixel art card, I sock at pixel art…
Brb I’m going to code but still be here lol


no, the ceiling always is.
A ceiling is a top to something, right? The sky is a top to the atmosphere. Therefore, ceiling = sky and sky = ceiling.


Stomach flu?
Oh feel better, drink water, and if it’s possible sit on your porch for sUNshIne