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What is going on here


Petrichor, in your cloud runner, how did you make the title with lines and make them move in?


You lair

@A_Metalhead was that Fea who was talking with me?


The text? I used squares. I have a project with a full alphabet, give me a bit to find it.

Here. Make sure you rotate it 90 degrees.

I positioned them off screen then used some code to move them smoothly on screen. It’s very similar to what I used for the scrolling. Check the code of the title object, it should make some sort of sense.




@FearlessPhoenix/ @A_Metalhead are you the people talking to me? ://


Can anybody make a V day dress for me lol?
When I try it looks so trashy…

Like this, but way better lol, and V day colors with the gold V…



Wow I think that looks good. Way better then I could do. Lol


Ok I’ll try…

That looks great you know!


Thanks so much!
Ahh 20 characters



that looks great, but i could draw one if you wanted


Fea just went to have a shower and I’m checking my notifs.

I haven’t really talked to anyone today and I haven’t been on any wbfs or anything…

@SarcasticTvHead? You’re kinda starting to fr eak me out bro


hey 6 :3
i’m sad and mad at myself for being sad life is great



Awww ooof that socks anything I can do to help?


no not really

it’s just something and i’m overreacting anyway


It’s probably not stupîd
What’s up?


it’s really nothing i’m way overreacting i’ll get over it


No Apricity it’s not nothing.

I’ll make a wbf for us hang on


oh ok…
it’s really just tho


It probably isn’t.
I tagged you btw


If you could that would be great!
What’s up A? Wanna talk about it on a Wbf if you want?
Just know I care