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Hello fellow earthling
Hi friend


Hi :slight_smile:
I saw both ones I nominated or seconded (aka the rollercoaster one I nominated and the Mushroom HSers I seconded) got on featured
I’m so glad for @CTS
Now you both are featured friends


What’s ur favorite emoji


Hmm this one I guess: 🤓 or 🦄 maybe 🌸 and 🌟


Mine is :cowboy_hat_face:
Do you read POL on HS


@CTS can I be in POL please? (You can choose how I look like if it’s ok)


This is my POL necklace a I got 4 my birthday

Yeeet I’m in POL. Veren x CoM(me) is a thing, turns out @CTS thinks it’s a great ship lol. YEET ITS GLORIOUS


Hello! This is my tag list

Just ask if you want to join!


Aww thanks :))

Do you want me to make you a wiki tag list?


I’ll join!
I like being tagged!


Sure! Why not?
Thanks a lot!


Okay! Let me add you!



Don’t mention it! ^~^


CoM’s Tag List:

Edit yourself in/out. Do not add/remove anyone else. Do not mass tag people here.



Thanks so much!
Much appreciated
Also, do you believe in the Prophecy


Don’t mention it!

Not really. I just play along I guess. Why?


Just curious because I’m about to summon 014 lol.



I summon you @014!


Yeah, just wanted to add the pic lol.
What’s your GT


One of my GTs is lounged. The other one is somewhere.

I’m just using 6’s rn cuz then he can see what people are saying to him