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Yeah I feel bad for her


They are a good artist but not many people notice them
@MeloettaMaker aka MemoryMaker will be happy someone noticed them, ty


Yeah. How do u know them?


What’s going on here rn?


I saw her art liked it


Talking about a person we feel bad for



Ahh okay I was confused sorry


breaks silence
That was quiet for a moment


You guys could dare or ask my ocs
I’m boreddddddd


Yeah I’m bored too…
I’d do that but I don’t publish from hs and do that stuff, sorry

I need something good to listen to (music wise)


Im biased but rewrite the stars? Dunno


HS music?

This is by MagmaPOP


Huh? Never heard of that, sorry haha.


Nah like actual music.
I know that haha. You can also who published it in the onebox


Game music? It is music lol
I don’t listen to “actual music” much I listen to game music but that is still actual music




Lol yeah. I mean like an album or something.

Nvm tho it’s okay I’ll find something. Or I’ll just keep listening to behemoth and rammstein mashups haha

Do you wanna play like Truth or Dare or something? Since we’re all bored


Now two HSers are leaving…


Nah… more than two hsers ar leaving and a couple of people already silently left

It’s really sad…