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Sorry I just wanna see how it turns out badly it sounds exciting
You don’t need to continue it now tho


Yeah I dunno what’s up with that


I’m glad actually!
Last time I tried it was really terrible soooo


It might be because it’s a new account and not sure why it does that for new accounts


I don’t think it was terrible
I didn’t see much of it tho


Yeah I couldn’t get it right but thanks


I’m back!


Hi! Where did you go?


Like on your trip


Duh i said that


Oh, wolf ridge up in northern mn


Kewl! I have no idea what that is!


It’s a ski resort!
Do you like skiing?


In case you missed it, @CoderOfMagic is leaving. CoM! CoM tell him about it!


Hi again!


UUf ooof I’m boreeeeeed


When will you continue the comic?
Again, can’t wait for it! It sounds exciting!




I’ll do it now actually!


Also you did the thing for memorymaker’s comic?