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Yes! And they want to return Thirn to her true self. (Maybe she looks different as rose? You choose her appearance lol)


Guys, look at what I coded!

Uses new block


Yeah, maybe that’s what they want at the beginning and then they see they can’t so they fight her… ty for the ideas!


Keewwwwwl I need to try thatttttt…



I needddd to get dressseddddd now because I’m having a friend over even if I’m sickkkkkk ugh and I don’t want to… (hh is p.iss.ed)


Why do you wanna be sad for that?
I understand if your sick tho


When will you work on your comic next? Just curious.


I’m rlly not in the mood to see ppl right now and she’s in seventh grade and I’m in ninth and she’s actually my fren’s sister… ugh


Check my acc HufflepuffComics


I thought it was on your main, but I’ll check


Oh, ok!
So she’s visiting you or…?
I misread twice oof


I hope you feel better
And have a good time with your friend’s sister
And I hope you don’t get her sick too


Oh ouch I get that.

Feel better soon

lol I just realized that I’m basically saying what Tankt did oh well lol oops


Just coming over for a while


I sorta do hope she gets sick, cuz she’s pretty annoying sometimes


Not seeing it
Can you put a link to a project in it so I can get to it?
Sorry… I don’t see it


And thanks guys!
Twenty characters oof


Sure! I’m continuing the comic on that acc I haven’t actually posted it yet


Oh, ok.
I’m not seeing it when I search it