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Yeeeees please! Don’t forget to mention his name and what he does to be evil! (I know part of that)


You can make a slime and I’ll turn it into a person cuz it needs to be a person


And this person used to be good… and turned bad!


Ok. This can be your oc. This won’t be mine, because I would make it for you.
Please note I can’t do humans. I’ll draw them, and you can change appearance and make them human if you want after


Ok! Sounds good for me.


Yeah that’s fine! Maybe kawaii roses gone seriously bad…


Anyways here they are

You can change the name, but their name is Rose.
They used to expire net with code, but one day it went wrong. They were testing the code on themself (to become more intelligent) and it corrupted, and they corrupted along with it.
They are super smart, but evil. They want to rule over Hopscotch. They have dark green wings. Their weakness is… if someone shows extreme kindness to them, something they have not been shown for years
And also fire attacks

They have psychic and error powers, mostly error powers though
You choose the rest!


@HardcoreHufflepuff are you there…?
Wait nvm there you are


Also, they wanted to become smarter so they could make great code for everyone to use


Yes. Although the name sounds a little to sweet… any other evil name ideas? If no rose is fine though… yeah I’m starting to like it!


Ok! :ok_hand::+1:t2: morning is the way to go to eat with me and I will make you feel better about yourself and your kids


I was clicking whatever popped up in the suggestions btw


Well idk
Maybe Thorn?
Idk, you can choose. This is your character now.


Idk what that meant…
I’m confused


Rose Thorn! That’s it! Wonderful!


Yeah lol it meant nothing (it meant I need 20 characters and I went a little overboard)


Maybe when Rose gets corrupted she turns into Thorn?




Sounds good to me.
@HardcoreHufflepuff Rose Thorn also sounds good


Tankt’s idea for sure!