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Hey CoM! Nice art pad!


It’s ok you used her, you draw good btw


Thank you! (how flattering)


Your welcome!
Baghead is still in it, right?
If not, that’s fine.
BTW, Shimmer is positive, hyper, but can be clumsy and doesn’t think before charging into battle. She doesn’t battle anything though, she is nice.


I’m using her, because she’s my fave of your oc’s and I can only do one oc per person otherwise renny would be friends with the whole world lol oh and she’s going to be charging in to battle a lot (for real) in the comic


And she’s a Hufflepuff. I can already tell. And Hufflepuffs are also brave and ready to charge into battle.


She has light powers.


That shall aid renny in her quest to save hopscotch!


Heyyyyy do you know who’s in that prophecy thing?


I would rather not say tho


Lol ok
Here’s a picture of Shimmer for you


Idk what that means lol


Ok if nobody says, I need bad guy inspiration!


Oh so apperantly there’s this rlly terrible prophecy (idk what it is) that must be stopped


Idk what it is.
Is this that -1 thing I thought that ended suddenly


Also here she is when using her light powers (attack form)


I think so? I’m not sure… lol


Yeah that’s a long story
I’m not sure what you mean


K! And do you have bad guy inspiration


Uh for your comic?
If so I can make a character for you