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So the problem is with the clones
So yea


hi CoM! how are you today? i’m incredibly tired after playing my trombone for 3 hours straight under hot stage lights last night


Um just saying there’s already one out there :wink:


wait really where?? i like books



I dunno imma make one for Biiiiig books that SoME ppl are too lazy to read


You shall come into my comic, A!


@MewtwoCreator @apricity @tankt2016 @SarcasticTvHead
Check numbers 5 and six of meh du.mb comic!


What’s your Hs username again?


Me? HardcoreHufflepuff!


Your sheep is terrible I’m so sorry :neutral_face:


Hey guys @tankt2016 @CTS @CoderOfMagic @A_Metalhead @HardcoreHufflepuff I’m going to spend some time working on a big coding project… I don’t know what to make though. Do you guys have any ideas because I’m super uncreative

  1. Don’t say that
  2. A bakery thing? Make-your-own? OH I KNOW. MAKE-YOUR-OWN TEDDY BEAR.


Don’t say what? What shouldn’t I say??


Don’t say you are uncreative! Lol cuz that’s my job


And wbf anyone?


A? @Apricity?
U there?


You used shimmer?
(She has light powers)
It’s ok if it wasn’t


I just thought of something omg: MAKE YOUR OWN SHEEP!!


Yeah! Now I will introduce shimmer and co