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I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m tired and this code won’t work rn.


Same here @CoderOfMagic
Slinking around the forum and Hopscotch is going to be impossible with a ton of friends watching your acc



If I give you my pass to my Hs account, could you acually fix something for me? It’s a draft that I don’t understand. You’re kinda the coder who is trusted with passwords, and I would be so thankful if you could do it!
If you tell me you would like to, I’ll tell you the pass amd the problem


What is da hair colour?


Da hair… strawberry blonde!


Yes… now spill the beans!


Have you updated the comic
Sorry I’m excited to see how it comes out it seems cool so far


Actually wait no the hair is black!


Thanks! I’m working on it… should I do some now?


Also nice new pfp FobieFuwa


Nuuu we gotta be patient


If you want
Take your time


@tankt2016’s request (sorry if it’s wrong)


Yeah let’s let her take her time


I think I might… I’ll be on here a little longer


Fill in this form and I will make your character asap.
Skin colour: lightly tanned
Pose: excited
Eye colour: blue, rainbow (if that’s possible) or yellow
Face accessories: freckles?
Glasses?: no thanks
Hair style, length and colour: long, curly and rainbow
Shirt colour: rainbow or purple
Shirt style: dress
Sleeve length: long
Pant colour: red or blue
Pant style: short
Shoe colour and style: rainbow and sneakers
That’s all for this form.
This is rainia as a human




my stupi.d poem about how ibuprofe.n is gross got stuck in pending. Ughhh


I totally agree with it even though I haven’t seen it yet



Literally it burned my throat when I had to take it for swimmer’s ear in August