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Please CoM…
I still have so many things I want to show you and draw for you…

And new POL events and surprises


I’m still gonna like P0L!
And have a 6/10 of being on the forum
and code drafts
But you won’t notice me(I hope)

It sounds silly, so…
It really does.


Of course I’ll notice you!!
I’ll check your acc every few days!!!
I’ll mass tag you here!!!
I’ll whiteboard!!!


The pount is kinda not to notice me.
But if you want to you can, just I hope others won’t…


CoM it’s in my nature to check on my friends and see if they’re ok

I can’t change that


Then your just inactive. Therefore, your not leaving.


Ok, that’s fine.

My leaving thing is like a art pad website thingy


Well, it’s just liking P0L on Hs.


what pol sta fo


Good job on the A+!!!

CoM nooo…


Powers Of Life


thank u good person :turtle:


Yes. That means your still on.


Your grade or a test?


Thanks, I studied so much!
Hopscotcher could I check that code on your art pad?


hmmm… yee


Yeah Oof.
Also, If I made my leaving project a art pad, would you remix and draw on it?..


Maybe…if you tell us what to do to make you stay!


00f I’m surrounded!
Should I tell?


Yes please because we care for you