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Hi! I’m gonna post hopscotch-related things, such as how to code!
Here are some games I made
The first one is dodge the triangles, the second is a Comic Creator! If you like it, please nominate it. Your vote counts:)
Second, do any of you hopscotchers know a new game idea? You will be created with the idea. Please avoid Make Your Own and Create projects:)

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These are really cool :DD

Just a bit of advice though about the forum, not everyone loves when there is a new topic popping up too much so if possible, you might wanna keep things like this in one topic. Personally, I dont mind, but some people might go bananas


Aka those people who said a topic of mine in #collabs-requests-competitions wasn’t Hopscotch-related, when I offered to move it to #random-stuff if people thought I should.
Then someone lounged it and I had to get it unlounged.


Awesome projects! For an idea list, I already posted a link to this topic in another of your topics. Here is it again:


Thanks For Featured!
β€’ @CTS to support me and give me the idea
β€’ @MewtwoCreator for saying my project rocked!
β€’ @Awesome_E and @FearlessPhoenix For giving me your opinions
β€’ @SarcasticTvHead for spotting a problem!

Thanks so much guys!


Aww no problem!

You deserve it!


Thanks so much!


Don’t mention it ^-^


How do you hide your profile?



Lol jk, here

Your Profile --> Preferences --> Interface --> β€œHide my Public Profile and Presence Features” (last buIIet point) --> Save Changes
And you’re good to go


I don’t see anything?


Quote the post completely and see the super small text
Uhh try looking harder?


How do you quote?
Lol I’m looking HARD!
Just Tell Me!!!


It was all in that post. Just, super tiny text


Can you look in my profile and see if I did it?


Yup. It’s completely hidden.



Well your welcome
It does rock by the way :wink:


Also why I quoted me because I said it right now in the same post- on the quote lol


So, since I hid my profile, I’m tagging users to know this is my GT
@CTS @Ivy @014 @SarcasticTvHead @Petrichor
Yea, anyone on?


I am on
Hi there CoM