CoM Gt of horses and memes



Well, not completely


Yes but it was last year


That looks cute!


I like it!


Guys I found cennia’s lemon thing
It joined hopscotch?


Huh? What is that about?


A user on hopscotch (Cennia45) had a lemon oc.
They did a comic with it, idk if they even do it anymore


Also they are not on the forum


Ugh my annoying brother got pink eye hhhhhhrrrggggg




Wut they still do it
Just search cennia and tap cennia under users
Well that’s the only thing you can do. Search users. Lol


Hey 6! Are you with fea?


“Yo, @CoderOfMagic, I know I mean not Petrichor and I’m not as good a coder as he is [I, 6, completely disagree with that, by the way], but maybe I could help if you gave me the pass or just published and let me save and then I could work on it or something.” – Fearless



Yeah, I am (lol I usually always am hanging out at Fea’s house haha)

Why do you ask?


Just cuz. Do you sleep there or something? :joy: lol


Haha yeah actually sometiems I do

Sorry, gtg now.
Cya later


Is it the drawing pad? If not, just publish it and give me a link.


You know what? Imma make a book recommendations topic.


Imma make a poem about ibuprofen. It is so disgusting

Ibuprofen. That wretched stuff.
It is hated by children, it brings dread to their souls, although doctors do more.
Ibuprofen is disgusting. We all hate it. Why can’t you taste better, Ibuprofen?


Oh. Ughhharghhh I hate my little brother he got his mean little self sick with PINK EYE.