ColourfulBlack...leaving after finished all requests


Please don't quit. I don't want you to quit. Please stay but it is your decision.


guz i might quit....because i am not useful on the forum and hopscotch. not at all.
sorry @HoppingBanana @PandaBlossom @LazyLizard @Dude73 @KawaiiAnimeLuver @IAMBETTERTHANUALL @Huggingfluffybear


You are useful. My following tab (and the rest of Hopsotch) won't be the same without you.


Well I hope you come back to hopscotch sometime here and then!



Okay.. It is your decision.. ;-;


You may think you are not useful, but you really are!!! Think about the people you inspire everyday even me!!! You are one of the best Hopscotchers I've ever met!!! Please don't leave!!!


and my art....... it might be a inspriation for u guys....but, many people r better than, like @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @XiaoMiaoMi


It doesn't matter who is better than you!!! You're good as all of the other artists out there!!! You and those artist are all the same things!!!


Because we put passion into our art and will never quit, and you are one of them, because you are amazing :slight_smile:


omg it's u @LotsaPizza i feel sooo happy that u notice me! thank you!


Yes you are, I quit if you quit, seriously.


See!!! Everyone loves your art work and thinks you're amazing!!!


(silence)....... um......maybe i will leave for a loooong while? does that sound nice?


What do you mean by that?


like, for 5 years?( i wonder what hopscotch will look like after 5 years :yum:)


OMG!!! Nuuuuuuuu!!! Too long too long!!! :joy:


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe 3 yrs?


Try moving over to a mix of "Me Style" drawings and coding. :slight_smile:


Maybe... 39 seconds!

We don't want you to leave!


Nuuuuuu!!! We'll miss you so much!!!