ColourfulBlack...leaving after finished all requests


do u want me to keep drawing?

  • yes
  • no
  • nuuuuuuuu!


@KawaiiAnimeLuver @PandaBlossom @Dude73 @treefrogstudios @XiaoMiaoMi @SoBit @OnceUponATime @LazyLizard @SmileyAlyssa @Malie @Bananadog
i am just putting random names....


@PandaBlossom come vote!


Duh you should keep drawing! :smile::thumbsup:


That's like asking if we want you to keep breathing! ô•ô


Whoever says no or nuuuuuu! I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A POTATO AGAIN!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


@ColourfulBlack I understand you reasons for leaving, but your art inspires us all. Even if it's just once a week, please continue sharing your drawings with us on Hopscotch!
Besides, Marshall would get lonely! :3


That's true! @ColourfulBlack I respect your decision but we will miss you and Marshall and your drawings!


Yes, Marshall would get lonely!!! *Leans over to Xiao and whispers " Who's Marshall??? "


Marshall is a marshmallow, and I think it is @ColourfulBlack's OC. :smile:




Nooooo please don't leave! Pleeeeeaaaasse! You art is too amazing, and your so friendly and kind, hopscotch wouldn't be the same without you!


No, im mot leaving im just here to stranglee my younger self for being an attention seekin bratt can i not

I wish i did this earlie but i apologize to everyone here who actually stayed and replied to me, like yall r too nice

I know most people here already left but today i just feel really ashamed

Wth was i doin

Sorry guys

I cant even delete this topic