ColourfulBlack...leaving after finished all requests


guys, i might quit hopscotch.... not forum, hopscotch....
i know that i am lucky to have so many likes and followers, and people who don't want me to quit...
i am not quiting because of likes and followers, it's because i just can't find my style. whenever i drew, i always hesitate........and it's getting boring...
and so, i am not sure what i should do........
so, yeah. i know that not many people will open this topic to read it or even care about me leaving or not.....
but thx if u read this
again, i am not quiting because of famous or not. i really appreciate all the likes and follows:slight_smile:
i know this is bad....but hey, if u are reading this, don't quit, find your own style in hopscotch! :wink:
guz i am leaving hopscotch, not forum 4 a while
well, @PandaBlossom plz don't quit, i will still be on hopsctch giving likes and playing projects
sorry @HoppingBanana @PandaBlossom @LazyLizard @Dude73 @KawaiiAnimeLuver @IAMBETTERTHANUALL @Huggingfluffybear @XiaoMiaoMi
but i will try to finish my requests before april 5th and drawing contests


What? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
If you quit, I quit ;-; pls pls, you are my role model.
You do have your own style! It's AWESOME...pls don't leave ;-;


It's good that your not quitting because you want likes and follows, because that would never get you anywhere. It's okay to quit hopscotch if it isn't fun for you, because why do it if it's going to waste your time? Maybe you can find another coding suits you more or maybe just a whole new hobby!
Don't think of it as quitting a hobby, think of it as changing hobbies.



I hope you have fun with your new hobby that you'll find!


I think it's really sad about you quitting hopscotch but it's ur own decision, nobody elses.


Sorry to hear this but what if you code and not draw becuase you don't like drawing anymore!


@PandaBlossom your art have improved so much since we have met! good job! don't quit! you will become an artists like LP!


Really?! And I doubt I will be as good as LP, or you! Mine art is like a monster compared to your and hers! But imma still quitting if u quit, end of. That's what a good friend does :slight_smile:


Don't quit look at featured projects and try to make it again or change it. Some times I think that's fun try that


Nunca más!

Tú eres un chica muy especial, y eres muy bueno en el arte.

I'm lazy and won't translate.

I love your art and I hope you stay! Keep working to find a style, although I like your current one!


I mean it's your choice if you want to quit or not, but I really hope you don't. You are such an amazing artist!!! You are also a kind, awesome, and inspirational Hopscotcher. You inspire me with your drawings everyday! I understand why you want to quit, but you have so many fans on Hopscotch who would be devastated that you quit. And your drawings are just amazing! You might hesitate because it might not look good to you, but honestly every drawing that you draw is fantastic. Again it's your choice, but I really hope you stay.


guys i am crying.....


What!?! Nuuuu so many ppl quitting!!!


What? What's wrong?

You can talk to me about it, if it makes you feel better.


Why? < colourful black is AWSOME>


True... Very very true.


Which bit? The 'colourful black is AWSOME' bit? Quite tru! (DUH)


Pls don't leave. You've contributed lots to the forum. The more people the better


i am crying because all u guys....


But it's all true!!! You are amazing!!!