Colour Code Glitch


This one is pretty self-explanatory. It's happened twice now, but sometimes when I put in a grey set colour block, it doesn't do anything to the colour.


That happens to me! I don't know how to fix it, try restarting the app


Can I have the link? I might be able to fix it


That has happened to me so many times! It's really annoying!


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I'm made a cell today for school


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I have had this problem A MILLION times!!! It's so frustrating! Anyways, just exit out of Hopscotch and restart it. It should work after that. But there is another glitch- once you actually get it to turn grey, it also turns grey in the code!


When I do a set color, the whole positioning gets messed up. Is this happening to anyone else?

This only happened with the semi-circle thing in the Hopscotch character section.


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Yeah. Try refreshing hopscotch it worked with me.


I never knew restarting would fix it! Anyway, THT already knows about this bug, and they're trying to patch it... I think! :wink:


It happens to me but it turns grey in edit mode


That's a glitch, too... Do you think they have something in common with each other..?


I emailed THT about that when the update came out :wink:, believe me it was super bad when it first came out :sweat_smile:, they traded it for another bug, but it still is not quite fixed.


This only happens whenever I have the colour light grey. I moved it around the code, and it's still happening, but only to grey. I have to destroy the block, get a new one, and then for some reason it works...


Happens to me too!


All you do is reselect the color. It happens a lot to me. :wink: